Silk Legacy


The land of Assam is a gateway to its cultural diversity, and evergreen natural surroundings of its flora and fauna. The culture of silk farming and weaving goes hand in hand for the assamese people. It is practised assiduously in rural assam by all sections of people.


When Mahatma Gandhi visited Sualkuchi in 1946 he said Assamese women weave dreams on their looms." Even today if you visit Upper Assam, one of the most common sounds which is often heard is the click-clack of the loom. Assamese women are known as one of the finest weavers of the nation. This traditional art of weaving has been isolated as traditionally followed custom amongst these women for many centuries. Weaving is an expression of our people. The women’s from my mother’s village from the district of dhemaji, despite being engaged in various household activities through the day, is likely to spend some time on her loom everyday.  These villages are the most idyllic weaving destination of the north east region. 

The Ahom Dynasty holds a significant role in promoting sericulture and making our region famous for producing both mulberry and non-mulberry silk. During the Ahom Dynasty the Kings made it mandatory for the people to cultivate mulberry trees and rear silkworms. Every family had a loom of their own. 

The Ahom queens opened weaving schools in their palaces to teach their daughters the art of weaving. It is since the medieval times that weaving became an exclusive preserve of Ahom women who start learning this craft before they reach their teens.

Assam continues to be the thriving hub of hand weaving and this stands out prominently in Upper Assam districts like Dhemaji, Lakhimpur and Dhakuakhana. This ageless weaving legacy comes from the very fact that our region is gifted with three major silk that is exclusively harvested in assam and exported internationally. PAT, MUGA & ERI- the three iconic pride of North East Assam. 

Our people have been weaving their cultural, religious and social attires themselves using handloom & home made threads-Eri,Muga,Silk for centuries. Hrdoyh has been given birth to connect the skills of these weavers to the modern consumer who appreciates fine craftsmanship by blending modern designs with traditional fabrics.