Muga Oversized Tailored Shirt W/ Trouser Co-ords

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Gorgeousness is defined most precisely with this oversized tailored Muga shirt with a trouser set. Add it to your wardrobe to make it your comfortable office wear, buddy. Go on a shopping haul, let loose your shopping madness and buy this beautiful set to style yourself in the most sustainable manner possible because we source the raw materials for our products having eco-consciousness in mind. Want custom size for this product? Visit our online store, and you will get all you want in no time. For an ultimate personalized experience, we suggest you provide your size appropriately, and the rest is on us! 

  • 100% Muga silk from Assam
  • Farming: 30 days 
  • Spinning: 2 days
  • Weaving: 15 days 
  • Sewing: 1 days
  • Finishing: 1.5 hours
  • Woven in Assam and sewn in Mumbai

Silk caring: 

  • Muga is washable at home and is free from the dry-cleaning hassles, unlike other silk fabrics
  • Dry clean (Optional)
  • Lay to dry in shade and iron for silk to become soft
  • Always iron inside out 
  • It’s crucial that you use the lowest heat setting on your iron. 
  • Use steam to eliminate wrinkles and crease
  • Hand wash in cold water only

MADE TO FIT : For Made-to-Order, we ask for measurements to ensure each piece fits perfectly. We make our clothes with bra-friendly options and tailor them to your personal height.

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All hrdoyh products are made of Pure Assamese Silk. Precisely Handcrafted, & byproduct of 30+ skilled workers. Just Quality here.

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