Muga Aysmmetrical Blazer

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Look at a blazer that will blow your mind to pieces; yes, our Muga asymmetrical blazer is that voguish. At our online store, you will witness an artful display of masterly finesse, look at this blazer, and you will know why. The concept of women clothing comes to life when we get to work with precision. The styledesign, pattern cutting, plush fabric, and everything else that we decide depend on just one thing: your taste in fashion. We prioritize your love for fashion forwardness, and that’s why we have brought forth this gorgeous asymmetrical blazer made of pure Muga silk. 

  • 100% paat silk from Assam
  • Farming: 45 days 
  • Spinning: 2 days
  • Weaving: 12 days 
  • Sewing: 2 days
  • Finishing: 2 hours
  • Woven in Assam and sewn in Mumbai

Silk caring: 

  • Dry clean only
  • Lay to dry in shade and iron for silk to become soft
  • Always iron inside out 
  • It’s crucial that you use the lowest heat setting on your iron. 
  • Use steam to eliminate wrinkles and crease

In case of stains - Scrub lemon gently on the stained area and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Wash thereafter. 

MADE TO FIT : For Made-to-Order, we ask for measurements to ensure each piece fits perfectlyWe make our clothes with bra-friendly options and tailor them to your personal height. 

EMAIL : [email protected] for order related measurement queries 

Designer’s note: Every garment produced at HRDOYH is entirely made by hand. The fabric is woven by local Assamese weavers and therefore, irregularities in thickness of yarn are characteristic to the craft of hand spinning giving every piece of clothing an emotional touch. You may find variations in motifs, designs and embroideries, making HRDOYH uniquely yours.

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All hrdoyh products are made of Pure Assamese Silk. Precisely Handcrafted, & byproduct of 30+ skilled workers. Just Quality here.

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